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                  "We Bring The Future's Best Air & Water to You Today
                        Our goal is to create healthier environments by     
                    producing  chemical and germ free air & water 
                         using Ultraviolet Technology products. 

       Thank you for visiting our site.  Our alliance with the world's leading Scientists and Manufactures of Germicidal Ultraviolet Applications make us the number one source for Ultraviolet Germicidal Technology Products in America.

      The following is a brief study of the history and science of UVC that will 
      help you gain a quick overview and understanding of the importance 
    and relevance UVC applications have in today’s world. UVC is a natural, 
   safe and inexpensive first line defense against water and airborne germs.

UVC rays sterilize DNA based micro-organisms. UVC/UVV also has a photo-chemical (photo-oxidation) effect which destroys chloramines in water and  chemicals in the air.

We are in Ultraviolet Light every day. UVC light in it's natural form comes from the sun. It's nature's way of cleansing the earth. UVC rays vary in intensity with atmospheric conditions, they are most likely to penetrate to earth during summer when their path is more direct. Unlike x-rays UVC waves do not penetrate the outer layers of our skin. UVC light does not pass thru glass and therefore does not enter our homes thru windows. Most of the recent advances in UVC technology has been in the area of fused quartz tubes which allow UVC waves to emanate at greater intensity over a wider range of temperatures.



The study of Ultraviolet Light began 131 years ago.  In 1877 two scientists named Downes and Blount reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Society that sunlight had the effect of killing bacteria. Their chance observation arose when solutions of sugar water left on the windowsill became cloudy in the shade, but remained clear in the sunlight. When the two solutions were examined under a microscope there were bacteria growing in the cloudy one, which had been in the shade, but none in the sunlight exposed tube, they correctly reasoned therefore that some element of sunlight was germicidal.

Over the next thirty years it was established that the ultraviolet component of the solar spectrum had this effect, and that it was effective in killing off a number of the most important micro-organisms then know to science. These included anthrax, cholera, dysentery the plague and tuberculosis.

In 1903 the Nobel prize was awarded to Niels Finsen for his demonstration that sunlight therapy could treat tuberculosis of the skin. 

In 1928 UV light proves successful in killing viruses unresponsive to other therapy. 

In 1930 thousands of patients with bacterial infections are saved with UV Light transfusions.

In 1936 Duke Medical Center begins using UV Lights to kill bacteria.

Over the last 69 years  UV-C Germicidal lights have been used in medical centers for sterilization of instruments and in operating rooms. Commercial food processing plants also use UV-C technology. Many independent studies over the last 15 years show dramatic improvement to our environment when ultraviolet germicidal lamps are used to purify indoor air. In 1996 the first fully certified UV-C air purifier was approved for residential use.

In 2003 the U.S. General Services Administration Office of the Chief Architect incorporated UVC Germicidal Light Technology into the  Facilities Standards for all Public Buildings.

In the last few years science has produced remarkable advances in ultraviolet germicidal technology. High Intensity Lamps made with Quartz which operate in a wide range of temperatures. Parabolic reflectors which increase the intensity of UV energy. J shaped lamps which produce UVC and UVV rays. UVC germicidal lamps for reverse osmosis drinking water systems.   UVC & UVV Ozone Oxidation purifiers for spas and swimming pools which reduce the need for chlorine and improve the performance and  the life of salt chlorinator systems to disinfect bathing water. Ultraviolet technology is incorporated as a defense against bio-terrorismLastly, a whole branch of medical applications which have been used since 1900 for  treatments against viral and bacterial infections including Tuberculosis,  Crohn's, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Leukemia and more.

We are entering the golden age of Ultraviolet Germicidal Technology. The most advanced products ever conceived by science can be found in this catalogue, at remarkable prices within reach of any budget.

We have Germicidal Ultraviolet Light Air and Water Purifiers for homes, offices, classrooms, doctors waiting room, daycare centers, elderly care homes, hospitals, health clubs, churches, concert halls, restaurants, sports bars, casinos, spas, pools, private wells, ponds, lakes, gardens, farms, fish farms and golf courses.


             "We Bring The Future's Best Air & Water to You Today"© 

Thank you for visiting our site.  Our alliance with the world's leading Scientists and Manufactures of Germicidal Ultraviolet Applications  make us the number one source for Ultraviolet Germicidal Technology Products in America. In the next few years this marvelous technology  will be used in every household. The U.S. General Services Administration Office of the Chief Architect has incorporated UVC Germicidal Light Technology into the 2003 Facilities Standards for all Public Buildings.  Section 5.9 HVAC systems and components reads: Ultraviolet light (C band) emitter/lamps shall be incorporated downstream of all cooling coils and above all drain pans to control airborne and surface microbial growth and transfer. Applied fixtures/lamps must be specifically manufactured for this purpose. 

Our Germicidal Ultraviolet Ozone Oxidation system for  pools are amoung the most exciting products in our catalogue. Who would not prefer the option of bathing in a swimming pool disinfected with 70% less chlorine and chloramines?

We have cost effective upgrades to every existing HVAC system making them more efficient and healthier.

Our self contained recessed ceiling  mount units are very effective in classrooms, business offices and doctors waiting rooms, they easily install in suspended ceilings. 

We have portable units which cleanse up to 800 sf that can be taken with you where ever you go.

We have a six stage  reverse osmosis unit with Ultraviolet Germicidal Light Technology which produce  up to 100 gallons of pure germ and chemical free drinking water per day .

We are proud to be a part of the solution for the adverse health effects caused by mold . Our Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Purifiers offer relief to the more than 29% of the US population suffering from allergies related to indoor pollution. Ultraviolet C band emitter lamps are inexpensive to operate and feature a low level of maintenance. 



Prior to the installation of the UVC Air Purifier in the home, this Petri dish was held up to an air vent with the fan blowing for 5 minutes. It produced this result in 72 hours. 


This sample was taken 10 days after installation of the UVC  Air Purifier.  The picture was taken 72 hours after the sample was taken. The Petri dish is virtually mold free.       A  97% reduction of  cultural forming units.


                               Which air do you prefer to breathe?


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