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                                       Portable  Ultraviolet  Air Purifier


This portable UV Air Purifier weighing only 13 pounds uses a split UVC / UVV germicidal /oxidizing lamp to destroy biological and chemical comtaminants including chemical odors, bacteria, cigarette smoke, mold allergens, viruses, pet dander, etc.

It can be used continuously or when the need arises. It is easily transported and available with an optional stand.  This unit is ideal for anyone in need of a cost effective, simple solution for the problems associated with indoor air quality.


         Purifies areas up to 800 sf.                    3.75" high 11.75" wide by 18.62" long

         120 v. 75 Watts                                    Steel Powder Coated Chassis 

         UV Intensity inside Reflector Box:          8,540 microwatts per/cm²

         Inlet Filter: Washable Polyester Foam    Outlet Filter:  Activated Carbon

         Warranty:     3 years on parts, including Lamp & all replacement Lamps

                                          Our Internet Special  $699

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