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                           Self Contained Ceiling Mount UV Air Purifier


This innovative design is used in  homes, offices, Doctors waiting rooms, schools and institutional facilities.  The space saving 24" by 24' self contained design, easily installs in the opening of a suspended ceiling. Quiet operation and the ability to purify an area of up to 500 sf  makes this purifier the ideal solution for eliminating airborn germs. Effectively reduces or eliminates the DNA-based airborne contaminants - allergens, pathogens, toxins, asthma triggers - that cause allergy, asthma attacks, sickness and respiratory conditions. The EPA estimates that 90% of colds are caught indoors. Give your employees, patients, students and customers clean healthy air free of cold and flu virus by installing the recessed ceiling mounted units thru out  waiting areas, examination rooms, reception areas, classrooms and offices.  They can be uninstalled and reinstalled should you move locations !

            Yearly operating cost average less than $10 a month per unit !


                                Purifying Area      500 sf (4,000 cu. Ft.)

                                           Weight  28 lbs 13 Kg

              UV intensity inside Reflective Box   10,000 microwatts per/cm²

                Air Exposure time to UV lamp - Per Pass 160 milliseconds

                                               Airflow   71 cfm

                   Very Quiet    Noise level at 5 feet  Less than 49 dBA

                               Power Requirements  120V  26 Watts

                           Warranty   UV Lamp 12,000 Operating Hours

                                  Our Internet Special Price $795 

                              Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA

               Ask about our additional discount for orders of 2 or more !

       Special programs for Schools,  Medical Facilities   and Large Offices.


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