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                                   Residential Ultraviolet Air Purifiers

The American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner is installed inside the air duct of home HVAC systems and covers up to 5,000 square feet. By treating the air which passes through residential HVAC systems with ultraviolet light, American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner effectively reduces or eliminates the DNA-based airborne contaminants - allergens, pathogens, toxins, asthma triggers - that cause allergy, asthma attacks, sickness and respiratory conditions.


Ultraviolet light Air Cleaners have been used for decades. They have been tested and implemented by companies such as General Electric and Westinghouse. The UV Light Air Cleaners are used in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, doctors' offices, commercial buildings, food processing plants - any place a concern for clean air exists. With American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner this exceptional technology is available to the homeowners also.


By reducing or eliminating* airborne mold, mold spores, viruses and bacteria from the indoor air, the American-Lights® UV Air Cleaner can help:Fight sickness such as common cold,influenza, measles, small pox and tuberculosis Reduce allergy and asthma Reduce frequent headaches Reduce constant snoring Reduce nasal congestion Reduce irritability Increase personal energy Reduce fatigue and depression Fight the Sick Building Syndrome          


                               Manufacturers Suggested  Price $599 

                                      Our internet Special  $449 

                Free Shipping on this product  Anywhere is the USA

                                       To order call 602-677-6241


                       High Intensity Ultraviolet In Duct Air Purifier R3500X



As the airflow passes thru the reflective tube the parabolic reflective process destroys the contaminants that would have otherwise been distributed throughout the ventilation system. This unit uses a split UV-C / UV-V ( Germicidal / Oxidizing ) lamp to destroy viruses, kill bacteria, eliminate mold and neutralize chemical and biological contaminants such as cooking odors and cigarette smoke. 

                                         Coverage Up to 3500  sf 

                        Outside Dimensions     9.5" high by 8" wide

                                           Weight  4.4 lbs 2 kg

                              Power Requirements   120V 15 Watts

                          Starting     Hardwired directly to air handler

                  Air  Exposure time to UV Lamp per pass 130 Milliseconds

             UV Intensity inside Aluminum Tube   10,959 microwatts per/cm²

                    Warranty    3 Years on parts, Including UV Lamp

                                         Replacement Lamps $149

                                   Our Internet Special Price    $749  

                                 Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA

                                        To order call 602-677-6241


   Ceiling Mount Ultraviolet UVC / UVV  Germicidal / Oxidizing  Air Purifier             

The CMU-18 & CMU-24 mounts in the return plenum filter box just before the filter. The proprietary UV-C / UV-V (germicidal / oxidizing) lamp is housed in an Aluminum Reflecting Box which intensifies the UV energy. The CMU destroys biological and chemical contaminants that travel throughout the system. Equipped with a Safety Cut-Off switch, disconnects power when filter is removed. The CMU-16 is for use in a plenum filter box with a return duct up to 18” diameter and the CMU-24 is for a filter box between 20” and 24” diameter.

          Three year warranty including UV Lamp & all replacement Lamps.

                                  Our Internet Special Price   $699   

                          Includes Free Shipping Anywhere In the USA

                                     To order call 602-677-6241


         UV Self Contained Ceiling  Used in Dropped Ceilings

            UV RO 6 Stage 100 GPD  Reverse Osmosis With UVC Quartz Lamp

                  R4000GX    Used in homes or for light industrial applications


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