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            Commercial Reverse Osmosis Continuous Flow Tankless System
                        720 Gallons per day With Ultraviolet Technology               
                          If you make your living in the food service industry an                      
                        investment in this unit will solve all your water problems.
                            Chemical and germ free water for fountain drinks,
                                 mixed drinks, ice machines and cooking. 
                        Save money by using 75% less syrup in your premix
                              and have better tasting soda, coffee and soups.  
                                     Your customers deserve the very
                              best tasting water products. Order one today!     

GE Infrastructure Water & Process Technologies has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the water treatment industry. Out-of-the-box thinking and years of research have produced a totally new point-of-use drinking water system. Like no other system ! Continuous flow - no storage tank necessary, Uses line pressure only, 0.75 average GPM Flow Rate, Requires no pump, no electricity, Compact design, High recovery system, Multiple dispensing locations off one system, Purifies 720 Gallons of water per day. For Ultra-Pure water, use on Ice, Post Mix, Coffee, Tea, Steamers, & Water Stations, NSF 58 validated.Removes: Dissolved Solids/Sediment/Scale/Taste/Odor/Chlorine/Chloramine/VOCs/THMs/Lead/Cysts and more. System Dimensions: H 17.05" X L 20.34" X D 9.68"

                                                  Our Price $979

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                                            UV RO 6 Stage 100 GPD

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