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                                      Industrial UV Air Purifiers

The UV Bio-Wall Ultraviolet Air Purifier creates a "barrier wall" of Germicidal UV Energy which will destroy virtually any biological contaminant which would pass through it. Each Bio-Wall has 5 High Intensity 19mm Quartz Lamps, which are mounted to anodized Parabolic Reflectors that reflect a full 360° of Germicidal Radiation.


The Bio-Wall is mounted parallel to the air stream in order to maximize the contaminant's contact time with the UV energy. The number and size (offered in 40", 50" and 60" lenghts) of purifiers will depend on the size of the duct, the velocity of the air moving within the duct, the specific contaminats to be treated, the amount of outside air and the desired percent kill.


The UV Bio-Wall was first introduced as a solution to treat 100% of the air in the entire duct at one time. In October 2001, designs began on an air purifier that would treat the entire duct in order to protect the HVAC system from bio-terrorism. The Bio-Wall is used to  protect  HVAC systems from biological contaminants. It is also used to  protect buildings as well as the HVAC systems from mold.


                             Drastically improves indoor Air Quality

                              Treats the entire duct at one time

             Destroys up to 99.9% of biological contaminants at one time

    Optional Oxidizing Lamps available for chemical and odor destruction

                            3,300 microwatts per/cm² at 36 inches

                          5 High Intensity Pure Fused Quartz lamps

      Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors intensifies 360 degrees of UV

        UV Bio-Wall Destroys Mold Throughout The HVAC System & Facility

                        Includes Bio-Film Aluminum Reflective Duct Liner

                                 Our Internet Special Price  $3,849 

                                      To order call 602-677-6241

               We use PayPal E-mail invoices for fast secure payments


According to Gil Lopez, Building Supervisor for Charter Springs Hospital in Ocala Florida, "In November 2001, we experienced a compressor failure in the 30 ton A/C unit cooling one wing of the hospital. At this time, the building was empty, so we decided to postpone replacing the compressor. This was a big mistake. Being in Florida and the high humidity, it only took a couple of weeks for the mold and mildew to take over. It was all over the walls, the ceiling, and the space above the dropped ceiling."

Mr. Lopez explains, "We hired a professional cleaning service to eliminate the problem. This cleaning was very expensive and took several days to complete. We also at this time, had the compressor in the A/C unit replaced, hoping we had cured the problem. But, to our surprise, we noticed the mold had returned. We then had the same company return to clean the wing again. The cost was the same as before and time consuming."

"A couple of weeks later we noticed the mold had returned for the third time. This time I suggested that we call Air Innovations to take a look at the situation. They recommended installing a UV Bio-Wall Ultraviolet System in the A/C system cooling that wing of the hospital. Since the cost of installing the Bio-Wall was a fraction of the cost of the cleaning jobs, we decided to give it a try," said Mr. Lopez. "Before UV Bio-Wall was installed, breathing was very difficult in this wing, due to mold spores in the air. We had to wear masks when in this area. In just 3 days after the UV Bio-Wall was installed the wing smelled fresh as the outdoors. The mold and mildew disappeared in just a few days, and has not returned. That was over 6 months ago."

"To our surprise, 2 weeks later we got a bonus. We started to find a large amount of insects dying all over the wing, it was due to the UV Bio-Wall system. The insects were feeding on the mold and mildew. When their food source died so did the insects." Said Mr. Lopez.


        Aspergillus Fumigatus            Aspergillus Flavus



                          Light Industrial / Hospitals / Labs / Office Buildings

                                                  Bio-Wall Quattro


The Quattro can treat the entire duct at one time, destroying up to 99% of the biological and chemical contaminants in the air stream.

The Quattro includes three 18" High-Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC Germicidal Lamps and one 18" High-Intensity Pure Fused Quartz UVC / UVV Lamp, which are attached to four Anodized Aluminum Parabolic Reflectors and are mounted parallel to the air stream. Adjustable mounting brackets permit the Lamps and Reflectors to be extended up to 15" from the duct wall so the assembly can be positioned in the center of the duct work, creating a wall of Germicidal UV energy up to 24 " deep. There is no purifier on the market that can match the power, intensity and dwell time that the UV Bio-Wall series is able to deliver.

                               Vacuum Sensor turns purifier On & Off

                               Simple Installation just "Plug and Play"

                              LED Smart System Status Visual Display

                                    High Output Rapid Start Ballast

                           1,600 microwatts per/cm² of UV Intensity  @ 36"

                                     Treats the entire duct at one time

                Destroys up to 99.9% of biological contaminants at one time

                                Destroys Chemical & Biological Odors

                         Four  18" High Intensity Pure Fused Quartz Lamps

    Four Anodized Parabolic Reflectors intensify & Maximize 360° Of UV Energy

    Recommended Lamp change-out Commerical 2 years / Residential 3 years

     Commerical Warranty Unit 3 years Ballast 3 years UV Lamp 12,000 hours

         Residential Warranty Unit 3 Years Ballast 3 years  UV Lamp 3 years

                              4- 18" High Intensity 19mm Quartz Lamps

    UV Bio-Wall Quattro Destroys Mold Throughout The HVAC System & Facility

                         Includes Bio-Film Alumunum Reflective Duct Liner

                                  Our Internet Special Price $1,739 

                                         To order call 602-677-6241

                 We use PayPal E-mail invoices for fast secure payment

             Aspergillus Niger          Aspergillus Versicolor



                              Industrial UV  Air Purifier  with  Hepa Filters

The unit is a combination Ultraviolet - Filter Air Purifier.  It is designed to destroy the harmful pollutants and odors resulting from cigarette smoke and other chemical and biological contaminants.

The  Clean Room option is equipped with two 30 inch UV “J” Lamps (one germicidal   UV-C lamp and one oxidizing / germicidal UV-V / UV-C lamp) for complete biological and chemical protection. The Clean Room option includes a 99.97% HEPA Filter, which will trap particles down to 0.3 microns (1 / 75000 of an inch) in size. 

It is equipped with a 1750-CFM blower and can be installed into the existing ventilation system or can be used as a stand-alone unit. HEPA filtration is recognized as one of the best ways to remove airborne particulate from the environment. Using both UV Technology and HEPA filtration makes the S1000FX unlike any other air purifier or air filter on the market today.

8,740 microwatts per/cm² of UV intensity inside Aluminum Reflecting Cone

The unit is sized according to the cubic measurement of the area. The number of air changes required for smoking or nail salon applications is between 8 & 12 per hour.
The number of smokers will also have an effect. The more smokers, the more air changes required.
Ex. A room 25 x 25 x 10 has a cubic area of 6,250.
The Unit moves 1000cfm. Therefore in this room there will be an air change every 6.25 minutes, or 9.6 air changes per hour (60/6.25).

An area 60 x 60 x10 has a cubic measurement of 36,000.
There will be 1 air change every 36 minutes, or 1.67 changes per hour.
This area will require a minimum of 5- S1000.

Depending on the number of smokers or nail stations, and how fast the air has to be cleaned will determine if the VOC Kit should be used. The VOC Kit adds 1- Oxidizing lamp and ballast and a VOC sensor so that the when the VOC levels increase due to excess smoke or nail salon chemicals, the air can be oxidized hard, and when the levels drop, the sensor will shut off the second lamp, to reduce any residual ozone. If there is more than 1 -S1000 in service, the additional oxidizing lamp & ballast can be added to these units. Up to 4 additional lamps can be controlled by 1 sensor

The unit uses standard filters that are easily changed making it much more cost effective to maintain than the Smoke Eater brand which uses electro static plates that need to be removed and cleaned with a mild acid solution. The UVJ process oxidizes smoke having the chemical effect of turning the sap like tar into a dust which is trapped in the Hepa filter.

           Outside Dimensions         20" × 20" × 41" (508 mm ×1041 mm)

          Mounting     Three sets of four 1/4" threaded mounting brackets

                                  Weight     59 Lbs   ( 26.8 Kg )

                            Air Inlets  2 × 8"    Air Outlets 2 × 8"

                  Power Requirements   120 Volt   360 Watt    60 Hz

                                    Blower Rating   1750 cfm

            UV Intensity inside UV Reflector    8,740 microwatts per/cm²

                    Noise Level @ 5 feet (no duct attached)    59dBa

                                   Prefilters   2   1" Media filter

                     Main Filter 19.5" × 19.5" × 4" 90-95% ASHRAE

      Warranty      UV Lamps 12,000 Operating Hours All other parts 1 Year

                               Our Internet Special Price  S1000FX  $3,339

                                           To order call 602-677-6241


                                               Perfect for Dental Labs

                   S300HFX Combination HEPA + UVC/UVV 99.97% effective

                                 trapping particles  down to .3 microns 

                        Any HVAC tech can install this unit in 30 - 45 minutes


                                                   S300HFX   $1875

                                             Call 602-677-6241 to order

                    We use PayPal E-mail invoices for fast secure payment


                                  High Intensity UVC / UVV Air Purifier

                                              Sanuvox R3500X

                                         Up to 3500 Square Feet

Eradicates bacteria, viruses and mold - Destroys chemical and biological odors

High Efficiency UVC/V Air Purifier
12,771 microwatts per/cm² of                 UV intensity 

Vacuum sensor automatically                 turns unit on

Most effective UV Air Purification System on the market

 In-Duct installation,                              for complete air purification

 Purify 2000 cfm. per unit

 CSA/NRTL Certified

                                 America's Best Air & Water Price $789

                    We use PayPal E-mail invoices for fast secure payment

                                       To order call 602-677-6241



                                          Sanuvox R4000GX Air Purifier

                                               Up to 4000 Square Feet

            Light Industrial

   (254nm / Oxidizing 187nm)  
    16,479 Microwatts per/cm2
             Up to 4000sf

         CSA C/US Certified
           & CE Approved

Installation requires no more
 than 30 minutes by an HVAC

The R4000GX has all the same quality features as the R3500X but with more intensity

The best induct residential and light commercial air purifier in the world today!

                                       Our Special Internet Price $899

                                         To order call 602-677-6241

                  We use PayPal E-mail invoices for fast secure payment


                                     Room Air & Surface UV Sanitizer

                                          The PENTA  UV Bio-Wall


Inspired by the success of the UV Bio-Wall, the PENTA is designed for air and surface sterilization in unoccupied areas. Housed in a stainless-steel cabinet, 5 Germicidal    UV-C Quartz Lamps attached to 5 anodized parabolic reflectors will destroy biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, germs and mold.
Applications include: hospitals, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms, operating rooms,  burn units, kennels, homeless shelters, TB clinics, food processing, sterile-rooms , detention centers, dairy plants etc.

                              Available in 40", 50" or 60" Lamp Lenghts                      
                                 2900 microwatts per/cm² at 36 inches

                     America's Best Air & Water uvcstore.com  Price $4915 

                                        To order call 602-677-6241  


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