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Ultraviolet light with wavelength shorter than 300 nanometers is extremely effective in killing microorganisms. The most effective sterilizing range of UV is within the C bandwidth (UVC - 253.7nm). This range is called the germicidal bandwidth. UVC, is not known to cause cancer or severe sunburns. It does not penetrate past dead cell layers of the skin, but it may cause eye irritations or burns after prolonged exposure. The links below offer detailed information on the nature of the ultraviolet light, science research, facts and conclusions for its effectiveness. Most importantly, the UV light can be utilized to improve the indoor air quality and introduce a healthier environment to live, work or study.


          Almost all Airborne Contaminants in HVAC systems are DNA Based


               UVC Bio-Wall has a 99% Kill Rate against  Biological Contaminants

  Anthrax Spores 
  A  UV Bio-Wall
 with proper filters
  are an effective
 defense against
  Bio -Terrorism
    Attacks with 
  Anthrax Spores 
  and most other 
   delivered  thru
    a building's
 HVAC  System 

                                                    Water Facts


                                         USA Water Hardness Map


  Water Molecules              

UV RO Drinking Water  

UV Pool Purifier

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