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         This UVC Water Disinfection System is simple to install and maintain.

                         In the near future all spas will use this system.
                It is superior in every way to the thick chemical soup system
                                       that came with your spa.
     Don’t expect the companies selling the chemicals to supply you with           information  about this technology because they loose a large percentage
of the money you pay for ongoing chemical and maintenance costs once 
 you install this remarkable water purification system in your spa or pool.     
                      This is a healthy, safe, state of the art system 
                               for thoes considering a new spa.  
                      An easy to install upgrade to existing spas. 

  Who would not prefer the healthy option of bathing in a spa disinfected 
                 with little or no chlorine or other chemical additives? 

                            Now spa owners have another choise!

                    Short-wave ultraviolet light has a photo-chemical effect
                   (photo-oxidation)  that destroys chloramines
                        and other toxic byproducts of chlorine.
  You should install this unit even if you currently have a salt system. 
          It prevents bacteria in the filter media from reentering the spa.             
      This UVC purification system destroys bacteria, viruses, algae, molds 
   and their spores  which reduce the risk of stomach, skin, eye, ear and       
                                    respiratory tract infections.

                                    Every Spa can have this purifier.


               More pleasant bathing in a very low chemical environment

      Eliminates red burning eyes, itchy skin and strong chemical smells from    

                                        indoor  spas and clothing

                                      Stainless Steel Lined Construction

                         Dramatically reduced chemical dosing by 99%

                                      Reduce chemical costs by 99%

                                      Very low power consumption

       Unrivaled protection against contamination in filter media  from reentering the pool  

                             Instantaneous disinfection with every pass

                     Economical  Low purchase price -  Low  running costs






                           Fast & Easy Installation Instructions Included

 Intake/Discharge Size:  3/4" or 2" inch 19 mm / 50 mm  
             Outer Diameter:  2 3/8" inches  60 mm
                    Overall Length:  19" inches  
     Number of Bulbs:   1-110 V/60Hz  14W-Long Life
Maximum Flow (US-GPM) Gallons per minute  12 GPM  2.5 m³/h
            Exposure Time (Seconds)  2 + seconds  
Lamp Life Span - New Dura-Coated Long Life  14,000 Hours  
        Max. Water Temperature - Constant   104° F  40° C 
     Lamp and stainless steel lining
    Ballast with indicator lights / 120v - 220v switch

                                   $25 Shipping Anywhere in the USA

                                      International shipping available


          Made of the finest materials to last a lifetime.

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