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              UV 254 nm Germicidal Light Systems for Wells - Ponds - Lakes




         150 watt 80 GPM 
        300 watt 
160 GPM 
Lifetime Warranty on Housing

              10,000 Hour
 UV Sterilizer Light Capacity 

UV sterilizers are designed to serve several purposes: to clear pea soup green water thus maintaining clear water quality. To rid water of parasites and pathogenic bacteria. Used in water gardening, backyard fish ponds, aquaculture to water purification for drinking, pools and spas and agricultural irrigation water systems to prevent cross contamination. Currently these stainless steel UV light systems are being tested as part of an advanced water purification system for the NASA International Space Station. 


 Our units are designed from stainless steel so that nothing toxic is emitted into the water. Unlike plastic or PVC units that can emit vinyl chloride or other toxic material, they are made from 316-L stainless. This stainless is resistant to salt water and other corrosives. Our units are made from heavy duty pipe, not rolled, light weight stainless tubing, thus allowing for higher psi ratings and longer life housings that will not rust. They are polished to a high luster/shine inside the reactor chamber wall for reflection of the UV light thus allowing more killing power.

                                        150 watt  80 GPM     $2940

                                        300 Watt 160 GPM   $5479       

                                        450 Watt 325 GPM   $6479       

                                        600 Watt 580 GPM    $7792       

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UV RO 6 Stage

UV Golf Course Water

Air & Water Test Kits