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                                         Biocidal Fungicidal UV-C


                  Natural UV-C Golf Course Irrigation Water Treatment


                   Advantages: Natural Ultraviolet Disinfection System

                                 Why Should We Use This System?

A) Virtually all bacteria molds and fungi are destroyed

B)  Ultraviolet treatment also photo=oxidizes and destroys combined chlorine and carcinogenic chlorine byproducts such as THM's TML's and other organic pollutants in irrigation water. Chlorine is used in municipal drinking water. 

C) Numerous toxic pesticide and herbicide residuals in the irrigation water including many corrosive agents are also eliminated, reducing pollution and preventing irrigation system fouling and clogging.

D) The UV spectrum we use also removes ammonia, H2S gases, iron sulfide, sulfur related compounds which helps to eliminate foul odors when using pond and well water as you irrigation water source.

E) This UV system is not a simple filtration method which can actually contribute to stimulating bacterial growth, it is a sterilization disinfection system for the killing of disease causing organisms.

F) Installation may be made directly at the pump house for continuous protection and operates every time the irrigation systems starts up automatically, without the need for any complicated plumbing and electrical installations. 

Economical - A penny for hundreds of gallons of purified drinking water quality. Costs no more than operating a 150 watt light bulb.

Safe and Natural - Free of dangerous and toxic chemicals

Simple Installation and virtually maintenance free

All units are pre-tested for any manufacturing defects and come with complete simple installation instructions


 Our units are designed from stainless steel so that nothing toxic is emitted into the water. Unlike plastic or PVC units that can emit vinyl chloride or other toxic material, they are made from 316-L stainless. This stainless is resistant to salt water and other corrosives. Our units are made from heavy duty pipe, not rolled, light weight stainless tubing, thus allowing for higher psi ratings and longer life housings that will not rust. They are polished to a high luster/shine inside the reactor chamber wall for reflection of the UV light thus allowing more killing power.


 150 watt 254 nm   80 GPM
 300 watt 254 nm 160 GPM  
 Lifetime Warranty on Housing
     10,000 Hour UV Sterilizer
            Light Capacity

                                              150  Watt 80 GPM    $2940   

                                              300 Watt 160 GPM   $5479    

                                              450 Watt 325 GPM   $6479   

                                             600 Watt 580 GPM    $7792   

                                    Free Shipping Anywhere in the USA  

                                           To Order Call 602-677-6241