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            QUIKPURE2® Ozone Oxidation Purification System for Pools
  •       Limited time offer complete QUIKPure2 system $269.00
  •           while supplies last...subject to change without notice 
                    Replacement Lamps  for  QUIKPure system $89.99 
               Replacement Ballast $91.00
                   Installation Kit  $49.00

                       Limited time offer complete QUIKPure3 system

  QUIKPure3  Ozone Oxidation Purification System 25,000 gallon   $425 
QUIKPure3  Ozone Oxidation Purification System 50,000 gallon    $649

Works with and improves any exsisting system including Salt Chlorinators

Contaminates called combined chlorines or chloramines, form in every pool to create that all-too-recongnizable and harsh "chlorine smell". It's actually these chloramines not chlorine, that creates that unpleasant smell.

QuikPure2 instantly breaks apart and destroys the chloramines by producing ozone, (UVV) the safest yet strongest oxidizer available. And when its job is done, ozone reverts back to oxygen. Leaving nothing but clear, clean water and a healthier family environment.


Up to 70% of the chlorine or bromine (sanitizers) applied to a pool is used to oxidize or "shock" the water free of chloramines. With QuikPure2, chlorine and bromine use is dramatically lowered. That mean almost no "shocking" your pool. and up to a 70% savings on sanitizer usage and costs may be realized. Costs of pH balancing, algaecides, clarifiers, and other filtering aids will also be reduced. Even more savings!


Since QuikPure2 works automatically each time the pool pump is operating, there's nothing for you to do but enjoy! Less time is needed for water balancing and shocking. Less time is needed to backwash or clean filters because the ozone produced by QuikPure2 also breaks down clogging oils and greases. Less time is needed for pool maintenance because scale and tile build-up are greatly reduced. And less time working means more time for fun!

  • Enjoy The Feel

When activated, QuikPure2 continuously eliminates chloramines created within  the pool area. The resulting high quality water often feels silky, smooth, and soft to the skin and hair. Additional benefits include:

  •   NO Red, Sore Eyes
  •   NO Harsh Chlorine Smell
  •   NO Discolored Hair or Bathing Suits
  •   NO Irritated Skin
              QuikPure2 Features! 
  •    Safety Shut-Off Feature
  •    Visual "Unit-On" Indicator Light
  •    Dual Voltage - 110v and 220v
  •    Large 25,000 Gallon Single Bulb Capacity Unit
  •    Larger 50,000 Gallon Double Bulb Capacity Unit
  •    Convenient Plug-In  U.V. Bulb
  •    Simple Valveless Input Controller
  •    Security Built-In Check Valve
  •    Easy Installation
  •    No Periodic Maintenance Required
  •    2 Year Limited Warranty
  •    ETL Listed, conforms to UL STD 1563
  •    Certified to CAN/CBA STD C22.2 No 218.1
                           Enjoy Your Pool. Go ahead. You deserve it!            


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                                             World Wide Delivery

                   QUIKPure3 Ozone Oxidation System 25,000 gallon $569

                   QUIKPure3 Ozone Oxidation System 50,000 gallon $749


              All special offers subject to change without prior written notice